Wu Jiaen – Pinganmipu

We were doing farming when I was a kid. I was very touched how serious my father was.  I came back to Chishang after working out of hometown and became a cultivator.

Zhang Dongsheng – Conformity.to.nature

I came back to Chishang because some family matters, and it was also the turning point in my life.  I was not used to the most is the rhythm in the countryside and the loneliness.

Wei Wunsyuan – WEIWUNSYUAN

I came home but what I am supposed to do? How about planting the field?  Some lands at the foot of Coastal ridge in my home town were not being farmed for years, and it was suitable for organic planting.

Li Youxiang – Honest Food Share

Two years ago, You-Siang began his life of being a farmer by rolling up his sleeves and pulling up his pant legs, because he wanted to actualize the promise he made to his father.